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Inashco improves your “green footprint”
There is an increasing social awareness regarding the importance of resource recycling, environmental protection, health protection and safety. These issues are now important to both individuals and corporations. Inashco’s technology solutions provide a new opportunity for the recovery of metals and the re-use of minerals.
Many communities track the recycling activities of individuals and corporate citizens. Ash recycling presents a new opportunity for recycling at unprecedented levels.

Environmental benefits from ash recycling.
While waste-to-energy reduces the landfilling of municipal waste by a volume of 85 to 90 percent by volume and 70 to 75 percent by weight, a substantial portion remains as ash residue which requires proper management. On average ash generally has the following composition:

  • Aggregate (stone, glass, ceramics) ± 80%
  • Iron scrap 5-13%
  • Non-Ferrous metal scrap 2-5%
  • Organic materials (paper, textile, etc.) 1-5%

Proper ash management addresses following environmental concerns:

  • Recycling of metals, stone aggregate and other minerals
  • Leachate generation and treatment
  • Dust emissions
  • Gas emissions
  • Landfill space consumption

All of these concerns can be properly addressed through direct treatment of ash by Inashco technology and service solutions that produce “green” products for sale by minimizing carbon emissions and natural resource depletion.
Together with the Technical University of Delft, Inashco has established an on-going research and development program to optimize the recovery of metals and the re-use of minerals. Inashco is able to offer recycling rates approaching 100 percent.