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Inashco offers a set of tailored solutions to owners of bottom ash

Stationary operations

We offer a fully integrated stationary ADR which is optimized for the throughput of each customer operations. At the facilities of Heros in Sluiskil, ash from several waste to energy facilities is treated.

Semi Mobile operations

For ash owners who do not need the capacity of a stationary ADR or for operations that operate for only a limited period (i.e. due to weather conditions), Inashco offers a flexible (semi) mobile ash recycling solution.

Non Ferrous Metal concentrate upgrading

Inashco operates a unique upgrading facility to further upgrade non-ferrous metal concentrate into a light non-ferrous (aluminium) scrap product and heavy non-ferrous (copper/zinc) scrap product. Together with our parent company Fondel, we have access to the global metals market. Due to the effective recovery, upgrading and market knowledge we maximize the economic and environmental benefits of recycling ash for our customers.

Please contact us for testing and an offer to off take your non-ferrous metal concentrate.

Process design and engineering support

We assist ash owners in the process of design and optimization of their ash recycling systems in conjunction with Inashco services based on our strong knowledge and experience in both conventional and innovative Inashco ash recycling solutions.