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The effective mining and upgrading of ash results in the production of a variety of metal products.

  • Heavy non-ferrous scrap products
  • Aluminium scrap products
  • Ferrous scrap products

Through our relationship with Fondel these metals find its way into the global metals market. The secondary mining of these metals prevents the exhaustion of our planet.


Aggregates treated with the ADR technology can substitute natural aggregates and reduce the cost price of concrete. In the Netherlands the independent committee CUR VC 89 has investigated upgraded bottom ash in concrete since 2008. The technical guideline (CUR 116 bottom ash in concrete) ) is published in 2012.On top of the EN 12620 the CUR 116 gives additional requirements for the use of upgraded bottom ash in concrete

Based on the results of tests performed under the authority of the CUR-committee, up to 50% of aggregates in concrete without reinforcement may be substituted with treated bottom ash. Up to 20% of the aggregates may be substituted in concrete with reinforcement.

The ADR upgrading proces is a dry proces. Our upgraded bottom ash can be used only in concrete without reinforcement, so concrete products like tiles and bricks. Please click here for our product sheet for the precast industry.

Examples of applications:

  • Blocks
  • Bricks & Tiles
  • Pipes