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"INASHCO BV aims to be the partner of choice for EfW operators throughout Europe by providing an all-inclusive IBA recycling solution turning IBA into a sustainable  source of aggregate for use in concrete products and providing a valuable source of metals for full recovery"


An important aspect of our policy is continuous improvement and by operating an effective Quality management system, in which the needs of our stakeholders and the applicable regulations take center stage, with the overall aim to satisfy the requirements of all who are connected  with the businesses activities. This ethos is driven through our Objectives and Targets program which is incorporated into the Group's business plan and focusses on extensive R&D with an aim to explore new markets and technology to ensure that the business continues to grow with our customers' expectations.

The Company is committed to meeting the quality needs of our customers, as well as providing unrivalled customer service, and we achieve this by:

• Comprehensive Technical Support

• Making  sure we meet  our customer quality and program needs

• Being an active participant for Regulation and Policy development

• Operating a robust compliance and testing program to continually offer a high quality product.


INASHCO BV is  third  party  accredited  to  ISO 9001 for  Quality  Management by DNV GL ensuring a visible  and auditable Management System that will provide transparency of our processes to the end customer for each and every service that we provide and give assurance.


The Board of lnashco B.V. are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees and those affected by company operations.

It is the Company's policy that its operations shall be conducted in such a way as to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the Health,Safety and Welfare of its employees and of any other person who may be affected by its operations including members of the public are upheld. We require that a satisfactory standard of Safety, Health and Welfare shall be achieved and consistently maintained at all sites and offices.

The Company acknowledges that  the  safe working  practices as well as  accident prevention techniques are of significant importance  and the responsibility of Management.

The company  will  seek to  raise employees' safety skills for the benefit  of themselves and others by training. Managers and employees will work together to improv1:! working methods and systems to reduce risks.

The prevention  of accidents and injury  to  persons shall be regarded as a  fundamentally essential part of the Company's responsibilities to its employees and to the community  as a whole.

Protective clothing and equipment  shall be available and shall be used by employees when the nature of their work being carried out requires the use of such protective equipment in the interests of health, safety and accident prevention.

Employees are encouraged to submit suggestions and iideas for improving the general standards of Health,Safety and Welfare at sites and offices, to their immediate Line manager.

Employees have a duty to take reasonable care for their own safety and the safety of any other person who may be affected by their  acts or omissions and also to co-operate with  the Company in its arrangements to perform  or comply with statutory safety obligations which includes adherence to the Company's Safety Policy.

The Board will make the necessary resources available 1to enable the company to maintain high standards of safety and health management.

The Company's Safety Procedures will continue to be improved  and refined by actions following regular audit and review.

Paul Knight


October 2018