// Mission statement

On a global scale more and more household and industrial waste is converted into energy in Waste to Energy facilities. With the production of electricity for the grid and heat for district heating an ash residue consisting of inert materials such as metals and minerals remains.

It is our vision that all materials from Waste to Energy ash should be recycled. They should not end up as a waste product but be brought back into the circular economy. The reuse of these secondary resources will decrease the industry's carbon footprint and preserves our nature's scarce resources for future generations while creating an economic incentive.

Our mission is to be the partner of choice for the Waste to Energy sector and other stakeholders focused on responsible ash management. Our ambition to convert the ash into raw materials drives us to passionately deliver inventive solutions to our customers. We rely on our global operational experience with new and industry standard technologies and we build upon a strong workforce of people who work in a safe and responsible manner.