Sustainable Future

At Blue Phoenix Group we strongly believe there is no such thing as waste. With our passionate team we work globally to help waste-to-energy companies recycling the seemingly unrecyclable. We are not alone on our mission and join forces where we can. We work closely together with plant operators, governmental po - licy makers and regulators, visionary engineers and scientists. Together we can contribute to a more sustainable world.

We are Blue Phoenix Group building a sustainable future.

Corporate Values

With the renewed identity we are not changing the culture nor the values. We work Safe and are Passionate, Inventive and Responsible with respect to everything they do.

Safe, meaning: free from harm, secure, sustainable
Passionate, meaning: enthousiastic, inspiring, moving with strenght and high energy
Inventive, meaning: creative. constructive, breaking new ground
Responsible, meaning: trustworthy, mature, accountable and liable